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The Two Faces of Globalization Essay Example

The Two Faces of Globalization Essay The objective of this paper is to underline the significance of the job of contemporary writing in understanding the neocolonialist and colonialist parts of globalization by investigating the portrayal of globalization in Arundhati Roy’s tale â€Å"The God of Small Things† and Steve Tesich’s play â€Å"On the Open Road. Albeit both of these works condemn corporate globalization as a benefit driven venture constrained by and taking into account the interests of financial, political and scholarly elites, they additionally express expectation in the chance of an alternate sort of globalization, which would be founded on an authentic battle for fairness and equity for everybody. Presentation: The Two Faces of GlobalizationIs globalization a procedure which empowers more prominent opportunities in the development of cash, information and individuals across state outskirts and is in this way valuable for individuals over the globe, or is it a procedure which empowers Western forces to abuse different pieces of the world in a moderately new manner and is along these lines just the most recent phase of Western dominion? This inquiry lies at the center of the continuous debates somewhere in the range of advocates and rivals of globalization. Defenders of globalization demand that the previous is the situation, while the rivals contend it is really the latter.In the article titled â€Å"Globalization: Threat or Opportunity? † distributed in 2000 by the International Monetary Fund staff, financial globalization is characterized as â€Å"a verifiable procedure, the aftereffect of human development and mechanical advancement. It alludes to the expanding joining of economies around the globe, especially through exchange and budgetary streams. † The article further clarifies, â€Å"The term [globalization] some of the time additionally alludes to the development of individuals (work) and information (innovation) across universal borders.Th ere are likewise more extensive social, political and ecological components of globalization that are not secured here. † (International Monetary Fund, 2000) For the purpose of quickly characterizing those more extensive measurement also, it is valuable to acquire words from Manfred B. Steger’s â€Å"Globalization: A Very Short Introduction,† in which he characterizes social globalization as â€Å"the heightening and development of social streams over the globe,† (Steger, 2003 , pp. 69) political globalization as â€Å"the strengthening and extension of political interrelations over the globe,† (Steger, 2003, pp. 6) and, at long last, ecological globalization as the part of globalization which manages the issue of worldwide natural corruption through marvels, for example, the loss of biodiversity, unsafe waste, mechanical mishaps, an Earth-wide temperature boost and environmental change. (Steger, 2003, pp. 87) On the other hand, Vandana Shivaâ€℠¢s meaning of globalization can be perused as a refutation of the above-refered to definitions. In her paper â€Å"Ecological Balance in an Era of Globalization,† Shiva expresses that â€Å"Globalization is definitely not a characteristic, developmental, or inescapable marvel, as is frequently argued.Globalization is a political procedure that has been constrained on the frail by the ground-breaking. Globalization in not the multifaceted association of assorted social orders. It is the inconvenience of a specific culture on all others. Nor is globalization the quest for environmental parity on a planetary scale. It is the predation of one class, one race, and frequently one sexual orientation of a solitary specie on all others. ‘Global’ in the prevailing talk is the political space where the predominant nearby looks for control, liberating itself from neighborhood, territorial, and worldwide wellsprings of responsibility emerging from the goals of biological man ageability and social equity. Global’ in this sense doesn't speak to the all inclusive human intrigue; it speaks to a specific nearby and parochial intrigue and culture that has been globalized through its range and control, flightiness, and absence of correspondence. † She further clarifies, â€Å"Globalization has come in three waves. The primary wave was the colonization of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia by European controls through the span of 1, 500 years. The subsequent wave was the inconvenience of the West’s thought of ‘development’ on non-Western societies in the postcolonial time of the previous five decades.The third influx of globalization was released around five years prior as the period of ‘free trade,’ which for certain observers suggests a conclusion to history, however for us in the Third World is a rehash of history through recolonization. Each influx of globalization is aggregate in its effect, even while i t makes brokenness in the predominant allegories and entertainers. Each rush of globalization has served Western interests, and each wave has made further colonization of different societies and of the planet’s life. † (Shiva, 2000 , pp. 22-423) Arundhati Roy’s tale â€Å"The God of Small Things† and Steve Tesich’s play â€Å"On the Open Road† show that the truth of globalization for individuals outside of the neighborhood and worldwide financial, political and scholarly elites corresponds with the perspective on globalization given by Shiva and not with the one given by the IMF. Roy’s and Tesich’s works additionally offer a dream of an alternate sort of globalization, which would not be founded on corporate premiums and benefits, however on the widespread human mission for adoration, equity and justice.Destruction of Local Economies, Corporate Takeover of People’s Land and Resources, Ecological Degradation and Limited Wa rs A genuine case of the inconceivability of little nearby organizations to make due under the conditions forced by large companies with the assistance of neighborhood governments and associations, for example, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and World Trade Organization is appeared in the death of the processing plant claimed by the Ipe family from â€Å"The God of Small Things. The manufacturing plant was begun by Mammachi, after she had been approached to make some banana jam and mango pickles for a neighborhood reasonable and her items ended up being sought after during the reasonable. At first, her processing plant was a little, however effective venture. Be that as it may, when her child Chacko got associated with the running of the business, he attempted to extend it and make it increasingly serious on the worldwide market. Despite the fact that he figured out how to get credits from a bank to place his arrangements without hesitation, his activities end up being hindering to the accomplishment of the industrial facility, whose money related slide started nearly immediately.In expansion, the family needed to contract the rice fields around their home so as to get the bank advances in any case. Besides, under the new creation laws, the plant was in fact precluded from delivering its renowned banana jam, just in light of the fact that it didn't fit into Food Products Organization’s discretionary arrangement of items, as it didn't look like their meaning of either jam or jam enough. In any case, the manufacturing plant figured out how to keep delivering it wrongfully, which says a lot about the wastefulness of the nearby government and the associations accountable for globalization to authorize their own laws.Their wastefulness in law implementation is significantly progressively obvious in the territory of work compensation, given we discover that the laborers from the processing plant started getting a pay howl the lawful least indica ted by the Trade Union when the factory’s money related slide started, without anybody of the specialists trying to take care of that. Or if nothing else nobody other than Comrade Pillai, a nearby lawmaker who just needed to utilize the circumstance to propel his own political vocation, with next to zero genuine worry for the security of the privileges of the workers.Roy’s epic additionally gives us a knowledge into how administrations of creating nations assume responsibility for the neighborhood assets so as to utilize them fundamentally in view of the interests of worldwide enterprises and not the interests of the nearby network. Subsequently, neighborhood assets are depleted, individuals frequently dislodged from their property in huge numbers and customary exchanges dependent on utilizing nearby assets are not, at this point conceivable. The legislatures of creating nations likewise permit them to be transformed into dumping justification for the loss from created countries.Now that he’d been re-Returned, Estha strolled all over Ayemenem. Every so often he strolled along the banks of the stream that possessed a scent like crap and pesticides purchased with World Bank credits. The vast majority of the fish had kicked the bucket. The ones that endure experienced balance decay and had broken out in bubbles. (Roy, 1997, pp. after 7 years, when Rahel came back to the waterway, it welcomed her with an unpleasant skull’s grin, with gaps where teeth had been, and a limp hand raised from a medical clinic bed. The two things had occurred. It had contracted. What's more, she had grown.Downriver, a saltwater blast had been worked, in return for votes from the compelling paddy-rancher entryway. The flood directed the inflow of salt water from the backwaters that opened into the Arabian Sea. So now they had two gathers every year rather than one. More riceâ€for the cost of a waterway. [†¦] Once [the river] had the ability to bring ou t dread. To change lives. Yet, presently its teeth were drawn, its soul spent. It was only a moderate, sludging green lace grass that carried rank trash to the ocean. Brilliant plastic packs blew over its thick, weedy surface like subtropical flying-flowers.The stone advances that had once driven bathers directly down to the water, and Fisher People to the fish, were totally uncovered and driven from no place to no place, similar to a silly corbelled landmark that honored nothing. Greeneries pushed through the splits. (Roy, 1997, pp. 59) Steve Tesich’s play â€Å"On the Open Road† offers a much more clearly troubling picture of the impacts of globalization on nations outside of the Firs

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Why I Want to Be a Sports Agent Research Paper Example

Why I Want to Be a Sports Agent Research Paper Example Why I Want to Be a Sports Agent Paper Why I Want to Be a Sports Agent Paper Kinfolk 2510 Career Goals and Internship Assignment While every other person is shouting about the quarterback who simply mixed for a touchdown on fourth-and-seven, that person toward the finish of your column might be considering an alternate number a 3 percent specialists charge on $20 million in ensured cash, maybe. . Cash eager, slippery, deceptive, corrupt. These are words that a few competitors would use to portray a games operator that they’ve had awful dealings with. Indeed, even an easygoing football fan has seen the effect of that scramble in the approach the ebb and flow season. This past summer, colleges over the South ended up involved in contentions with respect to player operator connections, and one mentor Nick Saban, of national hero University of Alabama irately contrasted a few specialists with pimps. A decent operator can enable an expert competitor to achieve monetary and mental solidness during and after his profession. A clumsy or untrustworthy operator can demolish an athlete’s playing vocation and undermine his monetary security for a considerable length of time a while later. I try to be an extraordinary games operator in the field of football with difficult work, hands-on understanding, commitment, and perserverance. What precisely is a games operator? A games operator attempts to advertise a competitor or items that are identified with that competitor to advance the competitors vocation inside their given game. This implies the games specialist is answerable for meeting with group proprietors, administrators, mentors and others to advance the competitor that they speak to. Quite a bit of a games specialists day is burned through systems administration, conversing with different experts in the game and staying up to date with current patterns and data that may influence choices that the operator prescribes to the competitor. In group and individual games the operator attempts to arrange gets that are to the greatest advantage of the competitor. This generally implies showing signs of improvement pay, making arrangements for wounds, or taking different alternatives in lieu of pay increments. The games specialist makes proposals to the competitor concerning which choice is best for the person in question or which alternatives are better over the long haul rather than simply momentary advantages. An expert competitor can shield himself from the unsavory specialists via cautiously picking an operator and working intimately with him. In outline, a great specialist accomplishes more than help a layer convert his athletic aptitudes into money related security. He ensures his client’s rights and, as New York Yankee official Cedric Tallis stated, â€Å"keeps the player in an outlook where he can perform best for himself and his team†. The instruction required to turn into a games specialist incorpor ates a four-year professional education in business or a related major. Most gain a degree in either sports organization (few out of every odd school offers it), business organization, fund/bookkeeping or law. A single guys degree is nearly required, albeit many individuals even remain a couple of more years and gain a bosses degree. The future games operator may then additionally keep that with a law degree. Going to class is generally insufficient. Hopeful games specialists will likewise need to assistant and again experience working with a games organization. In the case of nothing is accessible, a great deal of hopeful operators work some place in sports until an office position opens up. The specialist should likewise comprehend the market their expert competitor plays for. You have to comprehend what different players of your customers bore are making, keep a nearby tab available and structure a solid relationship with the proprietor and (in some cases) mentor of the group. Sports specialists need to have brilliant relational abilities. They should sell an assistance, which for this situation is an expert competitor. They should introduce extraordinary deals aptitudes like influence, industriousness and commitment. Specialists likewise need to shape a tight bond with the competitors they work for. The vocation way for a games specialist isn’t as simple as it looks. You aren’t quickly a tycoon either. Practically all games groups require sports specialists to be guaranteed. For instance,â the NFL requires all games operators to have a post advanced education as well as a particular confirmation too. Confirmations can go from paying a little charge and taking a couple of courses to investing energy and picking up understanding inside the particular association. Obviously, organizing during these 7 or so long stretches of training is critical. Since sports specialists are high in numbers and by and large low popular, it is important to set yourself in place with the correct area and with the opportune individuals who can get you in where you need to be. The subsequent stage in moving your way up the stepping stool is scout some potential or cutting-edge sports experts who you can speak to. Odds are, in the event that you do et the chance to speak to a competitor, it won't be a big deal proficient immediately. Which is ordinary, your notoriety is what you think about it, so beginning little and finishing will eventually help you over the long haul. Your prosperity with one competitor will in the end pull in others, and from that point your notoriety will start to thrive. Subsequent to picking up the degree, confirmation, experience, and demographic, it will be some time before you can truly thrive. Big time sports operators have in many cases stretched out of their specific game industry and picked up customers in different games groups after some time. In doing as such, sports specialists can speak to a bigger measure of experts, and addition involvement with a different measure of sports groups. However, be cautious, every game association has various necessities for its games operators, how they can direct business and the amount they can charge for their administrations. Becoming more acquainted with your group, game, and industry is vital. There are a few sites posting unlimited temporary positions. Regardless of whether they be paid or not ought not make any difference when beginning. Experience is vital. There is a temporary job opportunity from a law office searching for a games understudy. I believe that that would be a brilliant open door in light of the fact that it’s working with a law office thus you get prior hands on involvement with the lawful division than simply interning for a games group. Likewise, the Oklahoma City Redhawks have an employment opportunity for Vice President in sponsorship deals. This open door would not be something that I would be keen on the grounds that I realize practically little to nothing about baseball and the field in which I’m intrigued by doesn’t have a lot to do with selling sponsorships. However, in any case it is an incredible open door for somebody who is keen on that specific territory. One specific entry level position that got my attention was with USA Football. In Indianapolis, not a long way from where I live, an enrollment administrations assistant is required. There is pay, and furthermore I accept that it is an incredible beginning temporary position on account of its depiction. The activity obligations comprise of examining youth football alliances all through the USA as of now in the database, entering extra group data into the inner database, reacting to part requests got through online assistance work area varying, and entering part information for partnered associations. It appears to be an extraordinary method to get hands on in the business universe of football. Despite the fact that it is for youth football, it is still understanding. Sports organization is certainly the zone I am generally keen on, especially the football field. With a great deal of devotion, perserverence, hands-on information and experience, I accept that I have the stuff to overwhelm in this field. Temporary job Sources Internship 1-sportsagentblog. com/2010/11/03/sports-law-temporary job/Internship 2-http://pclbaseball. teamworkonline. com/collaboration/r. cfm? i=35768 Internship 3-http://footballjobs. teamworkonline. com/collaboration/employments/occupations. cfm/Internships? supcat=321#35320

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This Is What Works in Facebook Headlines The 20 Most Effective Phrases

This Is What Works in Facebook Headlines The 20 Most Effective Phrases How many times have you found yourself reading an article or watching a video on a topic that you take no interest in, just because the headline caught your attention?Don’t mind counting, you probably wouldn’t be able to count every single time.This happens on regular bases to every one of us, most probably because we are humans. And that means that we are not immune when it comes to curiosity or emotions.This brings a whole new level of importance to headlines, realizing that they might be the key to boosting the engagement amongst the readers.Therefore, more and more marketers are dedicating themselves to exploring the nature of headlines with the aim of finding the most effective ones.We have gathered the data based on a research that was done and prepared some good piece of advice, all with the aim to help you write the most effective Facebook headlines.100 MILLION HEADLINES RESEARCHThe research was conducted by Steve Rayson from Buzzsumo and it relies on 100 million article headlines that were published in the period between 1st of March 2017 and 10th of May 2017.The main goal of this research was to come to the conclusion which headlines are the most effective, and which, on the contrary, would just make your potential readers keep scrolling through the dashboard.In the next section, we will focus on analyzing the data and defining concrete steps on what you should do in order to achieve higher audience engagement.THE MOST ENGAGING HEADLINESHere are the 20 most effective headlines.When we say “effective” headlines, we mean the ones that drive the most likes, shares, and comments on Facebook.As the result of this research, the three-word phrases, or trigrams, were ranked depending on their performance.1. …that will make you…The definite number one was this phrase, which came as a shock to many researchers.Analyzing what stands behind this phrase, we realized that it’s much more complex than we thought.For the start, this is a link between the action and the outcome.It states clearly what will happen if you take a specific action, guaranteeing you the positive output.For example:10 facts about life that will make you more grateful5 things you didn’t know about chocolate that will make you love it even moreThe best morning exercises that will make you kick start the dayHighlighting the outcome, our emotions get triggered and therefore, we desire to read a specific article, even though we weren’t much enthusiastic about the action itself.2. …this is why…We all want to know why some things happen, and as human beings, naturally, we seek an explanation for everything that is happening.This is why this phrase is amongst the most effective ones, driving our curiosity and satisfying our need to feel smarter and more in peace with ourselves.You see what I did there? I guarantee that you feel much better now, that you can add another thing to your knowledge list.For example:This is why people should exercise 5 minutes dai ly.This is why hummingbird feeders are often red.3. Can we guess…?What is the one topic you can always talk about?Yourself, of course! We really enjoy talking about ourselves because we always know what to say and are certain that nobody knows more in that field than us.Besides the satisfaction this provides, we also enjoy getting confirmation about some things that we believe in and generally, the picture we build of ourselves.Therefore, we often can’t resist taking a quiz that will try to guess something about us. Better say â€" that will confirm something we are proud of.For example:Can we guess what is your age based on your music preference?Can we guess your zodiac sign?4. Only X in…People are social beings but at the same time, they have a desire to be recognized as unique and completely different than the others.When it comes to quizzes that state that only a few people on this world can understand or do something, we want to be amongst those people.That is why we take these quizzes that challenge us, and when we prove that we are amongst the X population, rarely we refrain ourselves from sharing it with all of our friends on Facebook.For example:Only 5% of people can solve this test.5. The reason is…We all want to know what stands behind everything.The bigger the effect of something, the more we want to know the reason behind it.When things are explained to people, it helps them connect dots and their own thoughts, which gives them more confidence in their knowledge and understanding of things in general.For example:Have you ever seen can walking in circles for hours? The reason behind is so-called cat weed.6. …are freaking out…Drama alert! People will tell you that they don’t like drama and try to stay as far as possible from it, but will also be the first line to see a dramatic event and follow every detail from a safe distance.Whenever something unusual happens or attracts many people’ attention, we want to know every little detail a bout it, even though it doesn’t affect us.Here we are highlighting human’s curiosity once again and the fact that we want to feel a bit shocked about something, feeling safe due to it not happening directly to us.For example:People are freaking out about this new snake specie. And this is why…7. X stunning photos…Why wouldn’t you like to expose your eyes to beautiful pictures?Exactly, you can’t find the reason not to.Even though you won’t feel attracted to everything that will be shown on these pictures, you will often find yourself looking at them just to awake some positive feeling within yourself or brighten your day.For example:10 stunning photos of beautiful places around the world.These 5 stunning photos have shaken the world.8. …tears of joy…Yes, you will find this phrase in a lot of songs, but also in a lot of effective headlines.This is due to the fact that whatever stands behind the headline will probably awake strong emotions within us, which is somethin g we are definitely looking forward to.For example:After seeing this cute youtube video, I have cried tears of joy.9. This is what happens…When you read a headline that implies that there’s a clear and specific reaction to something, your brain really wants to find out more about that reaction.Headlines such as:This is what happens when you eat only fruits for 7 daysThis is what happens when you order clothes online without trying etc.Provoke our curiosity and make us read the article.10. …make you cryAgain, this is an emotional headline. This will probably make your audience want to see for themselves if the article is really that strong to make them cry.Bear in mind, exaggerating headlines just to draw attention to your articles without articles following the headline’s promise, will only make you lose your audience for good.For example:This short video will definitely make you cry.11. …give you goosebumpsThis phrase can often be linked to articles containing videos, esp ecially those of somebody singing.These are quite common in public talent shows where people, besides showing their talent, often tell their stories, and connect with the audience in that way.For example:This artist’s performance will give you goosebumps. 12. Talking about itDo you know what’s trending right now?Of course you do, because people want to stay on track with what’s popular right now and make sure they can join any conversation these days, since “that” is something everybody’s talking about!For example:People around the internet are talking about it.13. …is too cute…How many times before have you seen something cute â€" baby or an animal and just wished to squeeze it, pop it or even “eat it”?For example:This little kitten is too cute that only cold-hearted people won’t react.According to science, seeing cute things can make us almost lose control, all due to the high positive-affect.Therefore, implying that there is something that is too cute behind the headline will definitely seem appealing to many.14. …shocked to see…You would probably be surprised (shocked!) to realize how many people need drama in their life.There are many explanations to this drama phenomenon, but one thing is clear: even though you might not cause drama in your daily life on purpose, you will probably guilty enjoy to read about somebody else’s, just to remind yourself that you are doing good.For example:After watching this movie, we were shocked to see how harsh reality can be.15. …melt your heart…You know that your heart can be melted only by your partner or some cute animal and that’s it. Or is it?Whether these are really the things that melt your heart or there are some more you would add to the list, you have to admit that you enjoy the feeling.Therefore, many people are attracted to such headlines, exactly due to their desire to experience the feeling.For example:People around the glove love it. This little Pomsky dog will melt your hea rt.16. X things only…This is quite interesting. As mentioned above, people like to feel unique, but most of all, they tend to feel understood.Therefore, reading articles that are dedicated only to the role they have â€" for example, mother, architect, older sister etc. makes them feel revealed and as they belong.Headlines such as:10 things only single mothers will know5 things only English teachers can relate to10 things only highly educated people will understandThis is a great example of giving exclusivity to the article, and therefore making it more appealing to readers.17. …can’t stop laughingThis one is quite clear â€" who would mind an uncontrollable laugh, especially if they are having a bad day?All comedy shows, stand-up comedians, ever more present humor in everyday life â€" even on the job, prove that people are more likely to watch something or to stay at some place if the good laugh is present.For example:After watching “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” by Jeff Dunha m you simply can’t stop laughing.18. Top X songs…This goes both when people want to follow what’s trending, but also when people want to learn something about the completely unfamiliar topic.For example, you have been listening to rock music your whole life, but the girl you just recently met is really into pop music.Your logical next move is to search for 10 top songs in this genre, in order to impress the girl, and actually learn something about it.For example:This is the list of top 50 songs on the planet.19. Twitter reacts to…There is no easier way to see crowd explode than to follow twits.This became quite popular, and anyone who still doesn’t have an opinion on a topic that’s currently in the center of attention will most probably go to Twitter and read all arguments, in order to form it.These headlines imply drama, and articles help people stay on track, summing up the most important twits.For example:Twitter reacts to Trumps latest statement about the great Ameri can wall.20. …what happened next…You know how at the end of each episode of any TV show you’re watching; you are dying to find out what happens next. It’s the same with the headlines and articles.They say that something (usually shocking) happened and now you’re really curious to find out what exactly!BE CAREFUL! These types of headlines are becoming less and less popular. What’s more, Facebook classifies them as click baits which might cause the demotion of your headlines.For example:Little girl reached for the tiger in a zoo, and what happened next will blow your mind.HOW TO WRITE EFFECTIVE FACEBOOK HEADLINESNow that you know the 20 most effective Facebook headlines and the reason they are effective, here are some tips on how to write effective headlines on your own.Who knows, maybe during next research, yours will turn out to be the most effective one?Word of mouthIt has been proven that people have more tendencies to believe in a brand or company when somebody whom t hey trust recommends it to them.It doesn’t have to be their close friend or a family member (if you want to cover a wider audience), but also some person of influence.Try to find somebody who is well known amongst your target group and who believes in what you are providing.If they agree to collaborate, your headline could be about them recommending your brand, which was proven to get more people to read your articles or take look at what you are offering, and then actually buy it.Unbeatable factsDemonstrate integrity when you write your headlines.Make sure that your customers or consumers at the end get what you promised them in the headline and you will gain their respect.Eventually, it will become more about the content, than the actual headline, and any headline you write will be effective.Keep it simpleYou are absolutely in love with what you are offering and you could talk and write about it endlessly. There’s just one problem â€" people wouldn’t read about it endlessly. You will barely impress anyone by writing every value the reader will get by clicking on your post because barely anyone would read it.The simpler the better. Keep it short and clear so everyone can understand it and connect with it.Indicate solutionsPeople enjoy various things on the Internet, but they enjoy them, even more, when they know it’s good for them for any reason.The good tip is to include something that implies a solution or anything that will help the reader somehow.A good old trick is to use ‘How to’, but anything similar would do the work.Name the problemDon’t be afraid to mention the problem or its consequences.It has been proven that fear is one of the strongest emotions a human can feel, that can move anyone to take action.Even if that means reading the article, checking out the offer, or ordering something.Talk to your readersAsk questions directly in the headline.The best way to engage the audience is to ask them a question in the start and get them thin king right away.You can either ask yes/no questions (but provide the answer right in the next sentence) or an open question (and then indicate the solution that’s in the text).Both will do well with your customers.CliffhangerPeople by nature are curious beings who want to know everything, and if possible, immediately!All you have to do is let them know that there is something that they don’t know yet, but can really easily find out â€" just by clicking on your headline.The trick is to tell them that there’s something, but don’t reveal it immediately.Make sure you get their imagination going, and what’s more important, their desire to learn something new and feel like they’ve achieved something new!FINAL WORDMany would say that there are different approaches to getting peoples’ attention and that there is no rule.There’s some truth in that â€" every person is different and personalized approach would be the best.Unfortunately, we usually don’t have the luxury to do so; therefore we conduct similar researches and strive to find patterns.Thankfully, no matter how different we all are â€" we all have the same needs, and when it comes to them, we act similarly.Therefore, it is quite easy to define the approach and make sure to engage your audience in the most effective way.Make sure you check all the above-mentioned headlines, and especially the reason they are effective.If you know the reason behind it, if you know “why” they are effective, you can come up with a countless number of headlines that will do the job perfectly.In your further work, you can rely on the concrete steps and tips when it comes to writing the headlines, and ensure that you catch the attention of your readers.Good luck, and we are looking forward to one of your headlines becoming the next top effective one!

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The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain - 1081 Words

Final Huck Finn grew up in an abusive home in which he has no control over. Huck does not wish to ever go back to such a hell since one knows about such a man to do such harsh things. You’re self-wellness by in which you grew upon throughout the years has turned you into the person you are today. The people you’ve been around, the friends you’ve made, and even the enemies you’ve made have made you who you are today. Huck Finn is like you in such a way. Always trying to figure what’s right and what’s wrong. Always trying to adjust to situations he is in for the better. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Tom Sawyer, a young but brave kid, has made a gang in which he would like Huck to join. But in order for Huck to join he needs to start being more and more respectful to Ms. Watson who adopted Huck from his abusive father. Tom Sawyer, Ms. Watson, and other characters use this sort of morality building to help Huck with him being respectful t o the other folk. Sounds similar, yes? Most of our parents and friends use these types of morality’s in religion, goals, warnings, holidays, and even sometimes themselves such as if you do what they did then you’ll be just as rich as them. Every Action, every word, everything you have received, felt, and have done build your sense of right and wrong. Huck Finn grew up with his abusive father and was an aggressive kid. All he had was his dad but still loving his father, he left and was adopted by a lady by the name of Ms. Watson. HeShow MoreRelatedThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain830 Words   |  3 PagesThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is â€Å"A Great American Novel†, because of its complexity and richness. Twain writes dialogue that brings his characters to life. He creates characters with unique voice and helps the reader connect to the book. Anyone who reads it is forced to develop feelings for each character. Even though the re is a great amount of controversy over the use of some choices, such as the â€Å"n word†, it makes the book more realistic. In the beginning of the novel Huck,Read MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1103 Words   |  5 PagesDmitri Van Duine Jr English Mr. Nelson November 27th The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Written by Mark Twain filled his stories with many examples of satire as to convey a message while also writing an interesting story. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn revolves around the adventures of a young boy called Huckleberry Finn, who is about thirteen years old. Tom Sawyer is Huck’s best friend and around the same age as Huck. He is onlyRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain Essay1055 Words   |  5 PagesZambrano Mrs. Patmor AP Lit-Period 5 28 September 2016 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1835 Mark Twain embodies realism in almost every aspect of his writing not excluding The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which in he portrays such a lifelike setting that it almost gives you this sense of reality through the point of view of a young man that has an urge for freedom yet struggles to conform to society s norms due to his adolescence. Twain s ability to unmask the true identities of the charactersRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain931 Words   |  4 PagesWolski Mrs. Goska English 2H Period 3 22 October 2014 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mob mentality is the way an individual’s decisions become influenced by the often unprincipled actions of a crowd. Mark Twain penned The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Twain grew up in America’s southern states during the early 1800’s, a time in which moral confusion erupted within the minds of humans. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn s protagonist is a young boy named Huck who freely travels alongRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1375 Words   |  6 Pagesmention the years spent growing and maturing physically. Teenagers are stuck in an inbetween state where they must learn who they want to become and what they want to be when they grow older. The same is true for Huckleberry Finn, from the book â€Å"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn† by Mark Twain. This is a book that was written in a time of great confusion over moral codes and standards. It was a world split in half by two different worlds of people; those who opposed, a nd those who promoted slavery.Read MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain2083 Words   |  9 PagesSatire in Huckleberry Finn In the novel â€Å"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn† by Mark Twain, we are told a story about a young boy and his slave companion’s journey down the Mississippi River and all of their encounters with other characters. Twain constructed a beautiful narrative on how young Huck Finn, the protagonist in the story, learns about the world and from other adult characters, how he is shaped into his own person. At the time this book was made however, this novel provided serious socialRead MoreMark Twain and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn1575 Words   |  6 Pages Mark Twain and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Controversy Mark Twain, born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, is a highly recognizable figure in American literature. Born in Florida, Missouri Mark Twain and his family moved to Hannibal, Missouri where Twain discovered and fell in love with the mighty Mississippi River. The river and his life in Hannibal became his inspiration and guiding light in most of his writing. Although Twain loved the river and did a great deal of traveling, he eventuallyRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1005 Words   |  5 Pages In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain in the 19th century is about a young boy named Huck Finn and Jim, a runaway slave who go on an adventure. The two travel on a raft along the Mississippi river creating a bond and making memories. Mark Twain presents Huckleberry Finn as a dynamic character who at first views Jim as property and eventually considers Jim as a friend, showing a change in maturity. In the beginning of the book, Huck Finn clearly sees Jim as nothing more thanRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1335 Words   |  6 Pagesyear The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is placed in the top ten banned books in America. People find the novel to be oppressing and racially insensitive due to its frequent use of the n-word and the portrayal of blacks as a Sambo caricature. However, this goes against Mark Twain’s intent of bringing awareness to the racism in America. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is classified under the genre of satire and is narrated by a fictional character named Huckleberry Finn. The novelRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain810 Words   |  4 PagesBefore Mark Twain started to write two of his most famous novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark was known to use his characters to display his own thoughts and opinions. â€Å"This device allowed him to s ay just about anything he wanted, provided he could convincingly claim he was simply reporting what others had said.† (Twain, 1283). Mark Twain used this process to be a foundation of his lectures, by manipulating his popularly with his readers. During the story

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Buddha, Buddhism And The Buddhist Philosophy - 1527 Words

Regardless of who we are or where we come from, we are unfortunate enough to be subject to a world consisting of change, pre-established social elements, opinions and beliefs, which, though we may be unaware of them while they work their magic on us, ultimately serve to wrap us in a prison of thought. At the same time, there exist modifiers which may serve to free us. Depending on the right conditions, the time, we can be fortunate enough to see through the covering pulled over our head at birth, to the true explanation of why we’re here, the truth of our existence. Because of this, I have chosen to do my research paper on Buddha, Buddhism and the Buddhist philosophy. The first thing I would like to address is the history of Buddha. When Siddhartha Gautama was born, a wise man came to his father, the king, and told him that his son would either be a great king or a great holy man. The king was worried because he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and become king. So Siddhartha was raised in luxury and his father made sure nothing would trouble him so that he would learn to love all the earthly things and would not choose to give everything up and become a holy man. He was married to a beautiful princess of a neighboring country and they had a son, but he was still not happy. One day he went out with his chariot to see the town. As he came near the town he saw a frail old man and he was troubled by this as he had never seen anyone who was old. He left and wentShow MoreRelatedBuddhism Is Considered A Religion Or A Philosophy961 Words   |  4 Pageswhether buddhism is considered a religion or a philosophy but I believe that it is both. According to ( is a non-theistic religion or philosophy that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to the Buddha. Buddhism inhabits several traits that consider it a religion and a philosophy. There is not a clear distinction that defines buddhism as one or the other. Some practices of Buddhism displayRead MoreHinduism: The Ancient Texts and Artistic Endeavors of India 1801 Words   |  7 Pagesfactor contributing to ancient Indian education, for Buddhism managed to extend its influence on learning as well. Even though it emerged during a time where written literature in India was already established, Buddhism managed to impact the styles of language and literature of India through the sermons, sayings, talks, and later thoughts recorded by the Buddha’s disciples (â€Å"Buddhist Influence† n.p.). Beginning during the Buddha’s lifetime, Buddhist influence on Indian art, literature, and scholasticRead MoreThe Response to the Spread of Buddhism in China Differed According to Ones Social Position594 Words   |  3 PagesThe response to the spread of Buddhism in China differed according to one’s social position. Confucian scholars and the emperor attacked Buddhism as an outlandish, barbaric belief. â€Å"The Memorial of Buddhism† written by Han Yu, a Confucian scholar, opposes Buddhism when the emperor decides to bring â€Å"the finger bone of Buddha† into the Chinese palace. He shows the unjust actions of the emperor by referring back to Confucian teachings such as keeping â€Å"[ghosts and spirits] at a distance†. The scholarRead MoreBuddhism : A New Way Of Life Without Materialistic Needs Essay1547 Words   |  7 Pagesmake part of planet earth one of the most interesting form of religious practice is Buddhism. Buddhism is the practice of finding peace within one s self by developing inner peace, wisdom and kindness. This practice dates back 2,500 years, and the founder is known as Buddha Shakyamuni. He was born a royal prince in a town called Lumbini; originally part of northern India but now makes part of Nepal. When Buddha was 29 years old, he retired from his royal life and left to the woods to follow theRead MoreA path to spiritual discovery903 Words   |  4 PagesAs Madhu Bazaz Wangu indicates, Buddhism is a path to spiritual discovery (8). Being Buddhism, a non-theistic religion, their disciples follow the monotheistic doctrine demonstrating they believe in only one deity. Siddhartha Gautama, mostly known as Buddha––the enlightened––, is the one deity Buddhists believe in. As Wangu writes, Siddhartha practiced severe self-denial and meditation before he could reach Nirvana (state of mind that ends the path of suffering) (8). Siddhartha came to the concl usionRead MoreThe Buddhist Culture For My Project1316 Words   |  6 Pages I chose to learn about the Buddhist culture for my project. I’ve always wondered how they believe and worship, and this gave me an opportunity to find out. I was bummed when I went to the Buddhist Temple in Murfreesboro to not be able to go in. I called several times and couldn’t get an answer to find out what times they held their services. I did get some pictures of the outside grounds, which were fascinating within themselves. I was surprised at how vivid and colorful the building was. When researchingRead MoreBuddhism Is A Religion Of Escapism1001 Words   |  5 PagesBuddhism is a philosophy and a religion based on the teachings of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama who lived approximately 566 B.C.E. Today, Buddhism has millions of followers worldwide, known as Buddhists. (Ballou, 1976) Most practicing Buddhists believe in concepts such as karma, dharma, samsara and nirvana. In addition to t hese, Buddhists base their lives and actions on the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold. Fortress (1999) explains that the name Buddha is a title that means â€Å"one who hasRead MoreEssay on Budism by Huston Smith1605 Words   |  7 PagesBuddhism As a college student that has lived and grown up in western New York, I do not have too much experience with the other religions of the world. I have grown up a Christian Protestant my whole life, and I am a firm believer in my religion. Soon after reading the chapter on Buddhism in Huston Smith’s book The World’s Religions, I came to understand and respect the Buddhist religion. I came to learn who the Buddha as a man really was, and the steps he took in becoming a religious icon. IRead More Buddhism Essay1569 Words   |  7 PagesSoon after reading the chapter on Buddhism in Huston Smith’s book The World’s Religions, I came to understand and respect the Buddhist religion. I came to learn who the Buddha as a man really was, and the steps he took in becoming a religious icon. I know understand that Buddhism is not all meditation and relaxing. There is a strict code of the four noble truths and the prescription of getting through them called the eightfold path. Much like Christianity Buddhism also has many different views onRead MoreSimilarities Between Sherlock Holmes And Buddhism1481 Words   |  6 Pagesand does not demonstrate characteristics of Buddhist philosophy and may even be a Buddha-like figure (The Boscombe Valley Mystery, 1891). This article will use the Buddhist concept of the four noble truths, characteristics of the Buddha, and the Buddhist ideas of logic and reason to determine how similar Sherlock Holmes’ personal philosophy is to Buddhist Eastern philosophy. Buddhism, which is not clearly defined as being either a religion or philosophy, dates back to Siddhartha Gautama in 450 BCE

Liberty for the High School Student Free Essays

Competition is becoming a key part of high school academics. It seems as if everyday it becomes harder to be accepted into the college of your dreams. This is causing high stress levels for teenagers. We will write a custom essay sample on Liberty for the High School Student or any similar topic only for you Order Now what with worrying about looking good, keeping friends, doing well in school, and the growing pressure to plan your life by the time you’re 16, it’s amazing that we all haven’t gone crazy. Due to high stress caused by homework, and lack of sleep, high school students should receive lighter loads from schools. The students of today are stressed, not from the assumed bullying or peer pressure, but from homework and tests. â€Å"Most of the stress is from academics as opposed to the typical assumption of bullying or social issues. † States an article from Mind Shift. Parents assume that things like that are the cause of the stress, but the real problem is homework. Then there is the case of Nora. A normal high school student, pressured with doing perfectly in school. When she received her grade card and saw that she did not have a perfect 4. 0, she lost it. Her mother found her in tears, and realized that it was time to Logan 2 intervene. Nora had been increasingly irritable and tired, and she also suffered from headaches. She is not the only one. Students everywhere, including myself and friends of mine, are tired, frustrated and sick. While stress can be healthy for our body, too much can severely harm us. According to an article on the website WebMd, reviewed by Doctor Joseph Goldberg, large amounts of stress cause headaches, higher blood pressure, heart and skin issues and conditions, and depression- the list goes on. These symptoms are not just found in adults, they are also found in teenagers. High stress levels early on in life will only lead to physical and mental problems in the future. The mental state of teenagers justifies that our load is too heavy. It is not an unknown fact that students these days do not have a lot of free time. We wake up at six, go to school, spend all day working, have extra curriculars after school, and all in all, most students do not end up returning home until around seven o’clock at night. We are then expected to help with dinner, help clean up dinner, and take care of other chores before we spend two to three hours working on homework assigned during the day. At this rate, the typical high school student is not getting to bed until close to 11 o’clock. Thus, forcing them to cope with six hours of sleep per night; far from what is needed. Sleep is extremely important for teenagers. It affects our growth, our mental health, and our safety behind the wheel- it is food for our brain. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that teenagers sleep for about 9 ? hours per night; saying that 8 ? works for some. But in all reality, this is far from the amount of sleep teenagers are actually getting. The NSF found Logan 3 that only %15 of teenagers are getting that 8 ? hours. So, how does this lack of sleep affect our behavior, and success in school? It is shown that lack of sleep causes aggressive behaviors and a reduced immune system. Therefore, we are sick more often causing us to miss school. It is also shown that it becomes harder to focus, and listen. therefore, we do not learn. How do teachers expect us to complete tasking assignments if we are unable to focus, learn, and listen? Our lack of sleep, and increasingly reduced amounts of free time indicates the need for less time-consuming work. Parents and teachers, somehow, have come to believe that all of this is â€Å"shaping us for the real world†. Please explain to me how raising our stress levels and, ultimately, harming our physical and mental health is helping us? Today, we are expected to be able to manage an almost adult life by the time we are sixteen, but we need to spend more time learning and exploring all of our options. If it has become the norm to change majors three time before you graduate college, then something is severely wrong with current society. Teenagers who are over loaded with after school work are becoming less and less mentally and physically stable. High schools can approach a new style of teaching, and issue curriculums that include less after school work. Issuing new types of curriculums including less after school work would most effectively help resolve the problems. I highly doubt that the cost of this solution would be very high at all. I believe that states could afford this. The general public will find the solution acceptable. When parents and teachers see how bad the situation is becoming, they will be able to convince policy makers to initiate Logan 4 the change. The parents of the students are the ones who really need to change. They are responsible for realizing the severity of the situation. As the writer of this piece I hope to show the public that times are changing; and not necessarily for the better. It is my responsibility to show this. How to cite Liberty for the High School Student, Papers

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Tartuffe Summary 2 Essays - Film, Tartuffe, Vocal Music,

Tartuffe Summary 2 Molire was born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molire was born in 1622 in Paris, France and died there in 1673 (Molire, p.1). He spent his life writing plays, acting, and managing the stage, according to Encyclopedia Britannica and is known as the greatest of all writers of French comedy (p. 1). Recently, I was able to see one of his best known plays of all times on campus at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. According to the program given to me at the theatre that evening, the play was transcribed into the English language by a man by the name of Richard Wilbur (Molires Tartuffe). Tartuffe (also sometimes referred to as The Imposter) is set in the realm of seventeenth-century Parisian high society during the reign of King Louis XIV (Tartuffe, p.1). This paper is a summary of my experience at the theatre. The cast of the play at Oklahoma Baptist University was performed by current students and previous students and consisted of thirteen different people in acting roles. In addition, there were eight members of the artistic staff and twelve members of the production staff who helped to make the production a huge success. The director for this production was Dr. Jeffrey Wells, PhD who is an Associate Professor of Performance and the Director of OBU Theatre and has been the director for greater than twenty different full-length plays at the college level (Molires Tartuffe). The characters in the play were few but, they were extremely powerful. There was Tartuffe, the villain who deceived everyone into thinking he was a devout Christian focused only on the things of the Lord. In reality, he was a hypocrite who took advantage of all of the other characters as used them as a means to his own end. Then, there was the father, who believed everything that Tartuffe said and allowed him to move into his home and entrusted him with his most valuable possessions. Ironically, Tartuffe had been making secret advances to the fathers wife all along. There were also male and female siblings present in the play who tried to tell their father that this man was not to be trusted. The son was especially vocal about it. Another character in the play was the mother of the Orgon, the father. She too had fallen totally for everything that Tartuffe had told them. In addition, there was Valre, who was to marry the daughter, Mariane. One of the calmest and most endearing charact ers was the brother-in-law who tried to keep the rest of the family calm and acting with reason. One of the funniest of characters was the daughters maid, Dorine. Additionally, there were a few of other characters M. Loyal, the process server who brought them eviction papers, the two maids of the grandmother, and the kings man who gave them the greatest news of all. When the play began, the grandmother was singing the praises of the houseguest Tartuffe and encouraging her family members to become more like him because he was above reproach. She rails at them when the house members try to tell her differently concerning Tartuffe. She refuses to believe and leaves the castle. Then, the members of the castle discussed Tartuffe and how Orgon was being deceived. They came up with a plan to confront him about it. Soon, the father enters, going about his business. As various members try to talk to him, he can think of nothing but Tartuffe. It was during this scene that the father told his daughter that he would like for her to marry Tartuffe instead of her fianc. Mariane was extremely distraught by this; however, she did not have the guts to speak up to her father about it. Before long, Orgon takes his leave and the fianc comes barreling in because he has heard the news of his broken engagement with the daughter of Orgon. Dorine, having overheard all t hat had surpassed, deemed to join with the young couple and started to formulate a plan to expose the hypocrisy of Tartuffe. The next scene, found the wife in the dining room and Tartuffe coming into the room. At that time, Tartuffe begins to talk about his love for